Find the Best Places for you to Study or Work Remotely in Real Time!

Select the criteria you need in order to be productive and the Free Place Tempo iPhone and Android app will match you with the top real-time and recently rated places nearby that best fits your needs.
+ Get punch card deals and promotions from businesses.

We cover restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, libraries, university buildings, co-working spaces, transit hubs, hotels and more.

Productivity Criteria

  • The real-time + recent levels of Open Tables & Seating.
  • The real-time + recent levels of Open Outlets.
  • The real-time + recent levels of clean Bathrooms.
  • Real-time + recent photos & comments about a place.
  • The real-time + recent levels of Quiet.
  • The real-time + recent levels of Traffic/How Busy.
  • The real-time + recent levels of Wi-Fi.
  • Whether Music is playing or not.

1 Minute App Video Demo

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