Get Matched with the Best Places for you to Study or Work Remotely in Real Time.

Whether you are studying or working remotely, simply select the criteria you need in order to be productive and the Free Place Tempo iPhone and Android app will match you with the top real-time and recently rated places nearby that best fits your needs.

Driven by daily crowd sourced ratings from fellow users,
we cover cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, university buildings, work spaces, transit hubs, hotel lobbies and more.

Productivity Criteria to Choose From & Order Based on Importance

  • The real-time amount of Open Tables & Seating.
  • The real-time amount of Open Outlets.
  • The real-time level of clean Bathrooms.
  • Real-time or recent photos & comments about a place.
  • The real-time level of Quiet.
  • The real-time level of Traffic/How Busy.
  • The real-time level of Wi-Fi.
  • Whether Music is playing in real time.

Students and Remote Workers!

Watch the App Demo Video here to check out how you can find the best place right now to productively work remotely or study near you. 

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Help others be productive with just a click of a button.

When you check into a place, your ratings help others nearby find a great place to study or work right now.

If you rate a place and another person checks in soon after, you receive points and a message with the number of anonymous people you have helped.

In the side menu your Helper Report shows the overall number of people you've helped and total points. A weekly email report shows your weekly Helper and Points stats, and if you make it into the Top 20, you will be featured on the Leaderboard along with the total number of points and people you've helped.

Such a simple way to anonymously help others!

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