How do Punch Card Deals and Promotions
on the Place Tempo app help your business?

They are custom deals and promotions to continuously drive students and remote workers into your business and gets them to continuously purchase, while they study, work on the go or just drop by your business. 

1 Minute Video Demo:
How Punch Card Deals and
In-App Promotions Work

Watch our demo to see how punch card deals and in-app promotions on the Place Tempo app can work for you, your business and customers, driving traffic and loyalty! 

How Punch Card Deals Work

Select Your Custom Deal:

* Customize offers and language.

* 5 or 10 Punches.

* Date range for each deal offered.

* Fun punch and redemption codes (ex. kinds of foods offered at your business).

Punch and Redemption Codes

* Every time a customer makes a purchase they are given a different code at the register, which they enter to earn a punch.  

* Once all punches are earned, they can redeem the deal by getting the redemption code at the register.

We track all punches earned and the codes used for them as well as all deals redeemed.

* Your deal can be accessed all across the app. 


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Business Activation

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In-App Promotions

A business can also offer unique promotions and discounts on the app.

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