Provide Your Customers with Real-Time Info So They Know the Best Time to Visit.

Our Apple + Android app can provide your customers with real-time information about your place of business, so they visit at the most ideal time. Our app covers business traffic /how busy, noise level, Wi-Fi availability, open seating, tables and outlets, bathrooms, and music, along with the ability for customers to view current photos and comments.

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The App Covers The Following Features of Your Business

  • The real-time amount of Open Seating & Tables.
  • The real-time amount of Open Outlets.
  • The real-time availability of clean Bathrooms.
  • Real-time photos & comments about your business.
  • The real-time level of Noise.
  • The real-time level of Business Traffic/How Busy.
  • The real-time level and availability of Wi-Fi.
  • Whether Music is playing in real time.